APUJAN presented new collection “Stars Just Look On Forever” at London Fashion Week.

In recent years, APUJAN has adopted a dual approach of physical runway shows in London alongside digital fashion films to unveil its new collections. Once again, the new collection will be presented through a film directed by the designer, featuring models from Catwalk agency and actresses including Ula Shen and Chih Ling Huang.

The collection pays homage to the classic tale of Peter Pan, depicting the fleeting encounter between the forever young Peter and Wendy, who must return to the reality of growing up.

Continuing with APUJAN’s signature themes of the passage of time, fantastical imagination, and literary allusions, the brand aims to craft a romantic chapter in fashion.The collection is replete with nods to the story of Peter Pan, featuring elements such as pirate ships, green cloaks, fairies, crocodiles, and ticking clocks, along with lost boys and girls.

The “Neverland” depicted in the film showcases remnants of pirates and other nautical elements, with deserted halls, ship wheels, and reconstructed worlds using ship components.The garments worn by the models include storybook pages made of fabric, grid-patterned motifs inspired by Peter Pan’s tale, 3D masks resembling fairies, and crocodile-shaped headpieces, as well as pirate ship hats made of leaves and capes made of pirate flags.

The styles encompass various APUJAN signatures, including chiffon printed dresses, a variety of brushed knit dresses, knitted coats, and minimalist vests, alongside patchwork lapel coats, printed qipaos, and more. Additionally, APUJAN’s signature puzzle knit intarsia, wool scarves, measure tape, hats, pajamas, and various clothing items or accessories are interspersed throughout.

The finale takes viewers into APUJAN’s clothing studio in Taipei, led by Wendy, now a fashion designer, explaining the journey to the Wonderland and how it influenced the designer’s creations. This fashion show once again features Rachel Chen from Touch of Light Films Ltd. as the producer, and Kao Tzu-Hao, winner of the Golden Bell Award for Best Cinematographer. Independent music producer dj so lonely, who has collaborated multiple times, provides the music, while Otto Chen, nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best Art Direction for the film “Incantation,”  continues as the art director.

In just a few minutes, the film brings together various creative teams from Taiwan, sending Taiwanesemade clothing to the farthest reaches of the world, setting the stage for APUJAN’s 2024 international collaborations following its return to London Fashion Week last year and the opening of its concept store in Taipei.

Apujan has collaborated with many well-known brands in the past few years, designing for McDonald’s, Samsung and costuming for the dance troupe, Cloud Gate.  Apujan has also been featured in VOGUE, Madame Figaro, ELLE.