It is a unique art piece within the exhibition, SEEING RED,  curated by Fru Thulstrop and Jane Neal, and comprising over 40 artists and creators including Marina Abramović, Miles Aldridge, Kate MccGwire, Stephen Webster, Jonathan Yeo, Daniel Lismore, Guggi, Susan Webster and Lionheart to name but a few, and which is on until March 24th.

Azzi explains, “I have created the scent of a ‘Red Rainstorm’ this time, which is inspired by the Red Lightening Sprites.  A film where you will experience the immersive feeling of passion, eccentricity and love, alongside the danger and power of being inside a Rainstorm. Red lightning, also known as a “sprite,” is an intriguing weather phenomenon associated with certain very intense thunderstorms. While an ordinary lightning flash extends downward from the clouds to the ground, a sprite shoots into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. 

A literal scent that expresses the essence of a Rainstorm: the aroma of cold rain hitting warm pavements. An electrifying accord with notes of wet earth, mud, a concrete pavement, wet grass, water, roadside, tar and dust has been captured and recreated. 

Each part of the formulation process, where you will physically see the notes, the ingredients, the accords, which have been encased in the giant Fragrance Pyramid also designed by me.

The sound, which has been created in collaboration with James Lavelle, will set you in the middle of it all, where you will soon be transported into a time scented bubble.”