NY x GFC F/W ’24 Day 2 – SOLO SHOW

Fashion designers from all over the world have come together in New York City to present their latest collections at the Global Fashion Collective show. From avant-garde designs to classic fashion staples, this event is a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of diversity. Let’s celebrate the creative genius of these designers and experience the magic of fashion.

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT runway show transported the viewer to an elegant yet innocent doll-like world, rich with fantastic tales portrayed in original prints and gorgeous dresses replete with decorative details.

The brand endeavored to produce authentic “Lolita” fashion that not only grants the heart’s desires of the current world but sparks the imagination of tomorrow.

The brand icon, “Usakumya-chan” (bunny-bear mascot), inspired the collection. It captured a tender moment in a bouquet print, appearing in an Alice in Wonderland-themed heart print and showcasing a cuteness only “BABY” can convey through a curtain of delicate embroidery.

Since its inception, the “heart” motif has long been a core element of the logo, and this show transports us into an adorable “heartful” world filled to the brim with the most profound gratitude.

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