Exclusive shots from the backstage of the 28th season’s Odessa Fashion Day! This time, the face of the season is Galina Vladymyrska – the chief editor of the “Favorit Udachi” magazine, TV presenter, and member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

This season, Odessa Fashion Day sets ambitious goals: not only to showcase the latest women’s clothing collections but also to emphasize the uniqueness and sophistication of Ukrainian women. This idea permeates all aspects of the event, from clothing design to the show’s atmosphere.

The backstage photos allow us to peek behind the scenes of the creative process and feel the atmosphere that prevailed during the shoots.

In the pictures, you can see Galina Vladymyrska in outfits created by the Maison Sophy G brand. Her elegance, charisma, and sincerity make her the perfect embodiment of the modern Ukrainian woman.

The Odessa Fashion Day team has put in maximum effort to create a beautiful and inspiring campaign that highlights the beauty and strength of the Ukrainian spirit.

Source: https://ofd.org.ua/backstage-zjomky-kampejnu-28-sezonu-odessa-fashion-day/