Fashion designers from all over the world have come together in New York City to present their latest collections at the Global Fashion Collective show. From avant-garde designs to classic fashion staples, this event is a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of diversity. Let’s celebrate the creative genius of these designers and experience the magic of fashion.

Get Some Sleep, an introspective clothing brand, in a much-anticipated showcase, posed a question that is a universal challenge for our society: is it normal to think this much?

The exploration resonated in key showcase pieces like the “What if it’s wonderful?” knit, which fits into the theme aesthetically and thematically. “Overthinking” is acknowledged and celebrated with heavy intarsia knit, happy, bold primary colours and gradients exhibiting an organization in chaos.

The “thinking this much” contemplation finds reflection in this “happy sweater”, where the front of the sweater is embroidered with the phrase “It’s easy to believe that nothing works out for you…” and the back states “, but what if it’s wonderful?”

The showcased collection is a celebration of the brand’s constant effort towards learning and evolving while seeking refinement via experimentation and iteration of the clothing, lends it a universal relevance.

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