Always respecting brand’s DNA & originality, Jam & Jay thought of a new line:

Gingersnap Bali Exclusive New Edition” has carefully considered the brand’s DNA while designing it.

New line is more sophisticated and elegant: featuring high-quality materials such as leather, mesh organza and silk; while remaining transparent.

Jam & Jay aspire to embrace the concept of slow fashion: making the pieces limited to approximately 150 new models for men, women and unisex; which will be released partially in the upcoming months.

This new collection is impressive in terms of quality and mixed elegance: it includes monochrome styles with “Bleu de France” & “Pigmen Leaf Green” colour, as well as a new print inspired by Japanese watercolours.

For men, there are asymmetrical and oversized blazers, wide and very flexible pants and a range of chic streetwear.

For women, Jam & Jay have opted for Parisian elegance: incorporating sexy white silk bodices, skirts mixed with soft leather and structured black silks, as well as trousers and blazers inspired by men’s wardrobes – keeping the androgynous fashion style.

Gingersnap Bali stands out by staying in tune with the times while being timeless and trans- generational.

The idea? unique neutral coloured pieces that are ideal for mixing with your own favorite and colourful clothes.

In conclusion, this new wardrobe takes us on a journey, as usual: between Paris and Asia.