JU-NNA was founded in 2019 by Jun Nakamura, Istituto Marangoni fashion design womenswear graduate. The brand focuses on fusing conventional Japanese techniques with contemporary and modern design, drawing inspiration from the designer’s prior work in the Japanese kimono industry and Tokyo Fashion. Through collaboration with Asian artisans, Jun incorporates traditional Japanese Shibori into his collections, giving a time-honored tradition a fresh and unique look. 

Shibori is a traditional Japanese craft that has primarily been used to create kimonos. Artisans bind fabrics using a thread by hand and make tiny bits one by one. This is a very time-consuming process and the result is exceptionally beautiful.

Artisans used to start practicing this technique from their childhood and have kept this heritage. The declining popularity of kimonos and the aging of the artisans, however, pose a threat to the preservation of this tradition.

JU-NNA works with artisans and innovatively processes Shibori onto printed fabrics, which is the very new trial for artisans. The emphasis is made on the new aesthetics produced by combining Shibori patterns and prints, as well as the 3D shapes that Shibori produces.     

This season, JU-NNA draws inspiration from the captivating sculpture “Alternating Rhythm” by Maria Bartuszová and the mesmerizing waves created in water on rivers, seas, and lakes. This concept combines the artistic essence of London’s fashion scene with the elegance and tranquility of Japanese design, resulting in a unique fusion of cultural influences, reflected beautifully in the nail designs made by Soukashi Team Japan (nail designers: CANAILL, Atelier ilsogno, EVA, NOBU, Abbie, MCOUTURE, sucre). Soukashi Team Japan has previously showcased their outstanding nail designs internationally.

Each design in this collection features brand-new Shibori patterns that have been successful in producing fabrics that can hug the body. This resulted in a big turning point of the Shibori collection and generated various designs using Shibori, which can be seen on each garment. In addition, unique sheer jersey and organza as well as organic cotton and recycled materials are used in this season, adding a twist to the collection.

JU-NNA invites viewers to explore a world where traditional Japanese Shibori craftsmanship meets cutting-edge design, offering a unique and captivating experience.