Beau Affinité, a growing luxury clothing brand, has launched their bespoke lingerie collection consisting of thirteen unique three-piece sets. The collection is classy, sophisticated and ideal for women who desire unique luxury pieces. All garments are handcrafted by expert corsetiéres out of the finest silk and Italian lace.

Beau Affinité has an aim to change the way we view and value lingerie. Unlike so many brands who create off the rail sets with standard sizing that often does not fit the unique shape of women, Beau Affinité empowers the wearer; Creating lingerie and clothing that is bespoke to them. All of their luxury garments are made to fit the wearers body perfectly with the addition of letting the wearer be involved in the design of their bespoke garment if they so wish. Customers are invited to attend a private consultation to discuss how their garment can be designed to suit their personality, desires and comfort – a one of a kind set, completely bespoke to them.

The 2023 Lingerie Catwalk has created huge exposure for the growing brand. Major fashion designers and business entrepreneurs who were invited to attend the launch have expressed interest in working with the brand. Many known personalities attended the fashion show, including CEO to Global Women, Mirela Sula, who gave a speech at the event prising the work Beau Affinité has done to empower women in fashion. After the launch, the brand noticed a considerable interest in consultation requests, expressing their excitement to see more of their garments being worn around the world.

Beau Affinitéwould also like to express huge gratitude to the amazing team of professional models, make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, videographers and security who made this launch a success. They would also like to thank Ricky Lee (Reloved), an incredible designer who revitalises vintage pieces into ‘re-loved’ fashion, for allowing us to use two of her spectacular coats which can be seen paired with our Veronica and Candice sets.

Models – Lydia Clifford, Rania Montalbetti, Melisse Lis, Grace Richo, Lidia Muzyka, Marina Ryinskaya, Emily Lexie, Kim Engelhardt, Chiara Elisabetta, Millie Austin-Hare, Nicola Lucy, Kes Rowlands and Lorena Lupu.

Make-up and Hair – [Lead] Kacey Comarsh, Morgan Dee, Sophie Lucas, Phoebe, Izzy, Annabella Hudgell, Olga Andreevna, Jijo Jo,, Alona Dmytrenko

Performers, DJ, Hostess, Venue – Josie May, DJ Fabrizia, Chanelle Sage, NYX Hotel Holborn.