Odessa, Ukraine – April 26 – Odessa Fashion Day, one of the leading fashion events, proudly announces its 28th season. Founded in 2010, Odessa Fashion Day has become not only a platform for showcasing the latest fashion trends but also a symbol of the development of Emerging Fashion in Ukraine.

Over the past 14 years, the Odessa Fashion Day project has played a significant role in fostering and supporting young talents and innovative designers. During this time, the event has become not just a venue for collection shows but also a center for idea exchange, collaboration, and cultural exchange in the fashion industry. Emerging Fashion refers to innovative trends and young talents in fashion who are just beginning to come to the forefront and are becoming increasingly recognized by well-known brands and designers.

This season, Odessa Fashion Day aims not only to present the latest women’s clothing collections but also to reflect the uniqueness and sophistication of the Ukrainian woman as an idea that permeates all aspects of the event.

We would like to express special thanks to the administration of the Odessa National Scientific Library for the opportunity to organize the campaign shoot for the season, as well as for assisting in organizing the 28th season of shows for Ukrainian designers. It is pleasant to know that the library was established almost two hundred years ago, in 1829. At that time, Odessa was a relatively young city of 35 years, with about 50,000 inhabitants. The pearl by the sea already had 20 educational institutions and had just opened an 800-seat theater. The city also had a museum and was creating its first publications, among which was “The Odessa Herald.” However, the intellectual elite lacked places where they could obtain information. Thus, with the support of various public figures, scientists, politicians, and, of course, thanks to the governor of the region, Mykola Semyonovich Vorontsov, the first public library in Ukraine was established.

The face of the season is Halyna Vladymyrska, the chief editor of the “Favorit Udachi” magazine, a television presenter, and a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. The Ukrainian woman is not only external beauty but also strength, wisdom, and inner harmony. She symbolizes the spirit of Odessa and all of Ukraine. Odessa Fashion Day invites everyone to join the celebration of the beauty, strength, and independence of the Ukrainian woman at this unique event.

On April 26, the reading room of the Odessa National Scientific Library (13 Pasteur Street) will welcome guests, where designers from various corners of Ukraine will showcase their collections on the main podium. This season, every fashion enthusiast can attend shows of such brands:
1. The art to be a womam https://www.instagram.com/a__dress__/
2. Shvartsman https://www.instagram.com/shvartsman_official/
3. MOGARDI https://www.instagram.com/mogardi_official/
4. Brodskaya https://www.instagram.com/brodskaya.com.ua/
5. The Button https://www.instagram.com/the.button.atelier/
6. LUBONITA COLLECTION https://www.instagram.com/lubonita_collection/
7. Prinova https://www.instagram.com/prinova_clo/
8. Pravda label https://www.instagram.com/pravda_label/
9. Vlada Estiar https://www.instagram.com/vlada.estiar/
10. VEO BRAND https://www.instagram.com/veo.brand/
11. NATALI MALYKH https://www.instagram.com/_natali_malykh_/

You can preview the show schedule by following this link:  https://ofd.org.ua/rosklad/.

About Odessa Fashion Day: Odessa Fashion Day is a leading fashion event in southern Ukraine, providing an opportunity for young and talented designers to showcase their collections and rise to new heights in the fashion industry.

This project is non-commercial; Odessa Fashion Day does not sell tickets, and attendance at shows is by invitation from designers or through registration on the website https://ofd.org.ua/registers-ofd.

Follow the season’s news on the project’s official online resources on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.