The collection was presented through an immersive installation culminating with a live performance by Scarlett Rouge on the evening of Wednesday 5th June.  

Omer Asim and Maya Antoun, co-creative directors of the brand Omer Asim, have dedicated the past decade to meticulously crafting an archive of garments, objects and ephemera that embody the essence of their brand; whilst creating a defined visual language and brand identity.

Their journey explores a transience negotiation between Sudan and London; through the medium of garment and object making.

As Omer Asim embarks on a new chapter, the brand’s focus is to further articulate their distinct identity and core principles. Rooted in Three Fundamental Pillars –the “Pleats”, the iconic “Gilet” in focus, the “One Piece” based on the 4.5 metre fabric of the Sudanese Toub. Omer Asim’s ‘One Piece ’is a cleverly designed dress that when unstitched returns to its original length of fabric.  

Despite modernity’s speed and impermanence, Omer Asim reclaims cultural identity through deconstructing Sudanese objects and confronting historical marginalisation through a focus on materiality and the making process. The collection of the Copper objects, created over 10 years, also explores and challenges traditional crafting and material value conventions.  

Transient Objects marks the beginning of what will be a series of nomadic events unfolding over 24 months.

Rouge collaboration with Asim and Antoun who have a long running ‘Other Works’ facet to their practice; an explorative foray into art, culture and spirituality which informs and crucially underpins their design practice.  

On Wednesday evening, Rouge performed an interpretation of their use of fabric and its relationship to the body. Embarking on a transformative journey, where creativity, expression, and collaboration converge to explore the narrative of Omer Asim’s brand identity.

Quote by Omer and Maya regarding the collaboration with Scarlett:
‘We are collaborative in the nature of how we work; for us at Omer Asim collaboration has been how we have worked for the last decade. Thus, partnering with an artist like Scarlett, whose work sits in an adjacent space to us, felt like a natural choice. Her artistic practices resonated with us, as we recognised a shared sense of discipline. The process working up to the performance has been an exchange of dialogue in ideas which has led to the culmination of the symbolic performance on the 5th.

Quote by Scarlett Rouge:  
“Collaborating with Omer Asim felt natural as there was a synergy between our thought processes and ideology. My collaboration here was bringing to light the installation with the fabric that has a long history, seeped in Sudanese tradition yet portraying its contemporary and modern outlook. Omer Asim creates a space around ‘Transient Objects’, which I’ve been able to connect with and translate through expression, bridging the gap between physical objects and emotion through the movement which flows throughout the performance.”