Guided by the spirit of feminine independence, the AW24 collection metaphorically unfolds like an alluring musical performance, showcasing vibrant colours, fluid silhouettes reminiscent of waterfalls and innovative fabric splicing that symbolises the highs and lows of an extraordinary performance. As the violin was previously considered a male-dominated instrument, the creative approach of the AW24 collection captures the way women are challenging the traditionally male-driven narrative within European Classical Music. Today, a consistently increasing number of female violinists are emerging and paving the way for other female creatives to find their inner power.

The collection features dazzling and decadent pink sequins, voluminous shapes, pleated skirts with playful colour tones with whimsical textures and an aura of grandeur. The collection shows both strength and masculine energy in the strong shoulder shapes and darker colours. However, this is overall overpowered by the feminine presence of the brighter colours such as pinks and purples as well as the playful features and shimmering sequins. A touch of gold is present throughout the collection as well to pay homage to the shining strings of the violin, the main inspiration of this season. 

The evolving pinks and lighthearted colour tones of the collection beautifully showcase the joy and femininity of contemporary violinists today as well as mirroring the efflorescence of female empowerment in our modern era. The collection transitions into deeper, more introspective shades, accompanied by a shift in texture from refined tweeds and iridescent sequins to cascading feathers and richer hues. This visual narrative reflects the journey of resilience and triumph experienced by today’s violinists, reminding us that amidst brilliance, there exist challenges bravely conquered.

Adding a captivating live element to the collection reveal, a mesmerising violin string trio performance took centre stage at the event. This live performance not only captivated the audience but seamlessly married the inspiration behind the collection with real-time artistic expression.


RUE AGTHONIS is a fashion powerhouse dedicated to empowering women through its vibrant and dynamic collections. With a motto that echoes their ethos— “Love, Quality, Positive Beauty” — the brand weaves a narrative of strength and individuality into every collection. Known for its memorable use of colour and unique fabrics, RUE AGTHONIS celebrates diversity and self-expression, encouraging everyone to be their most authentic self and radiate positivity. 

Creative Director: Syl
Instagram: @rueagthonis