London, June 29, 2024 – UKRAINEPRIDE and CAMPAIGN FOR UKRAINE to Participate in Pride in London 2024. A delegation of 100 representatives will officially represent Ukraine, highlighting the unity and resilience of Ukrainian LGBTQ+ activists, militaries and patriots.

This year, the slogan with which we go out into the world is: THERE IS NO RAINBOW WITHOUT YELLOW AND BLUE. Its meaning: as long as Ukraine stands as a human shield protecting the life of not only its nation, but also the entire Western democratic world, rights and freedoms are still possible in these countries. Ukraine needs support if the Western world is to continue to celebrate diversity, democracy and human freedom. Without today’s struggle of Ukrainians, all this will become impossible very quickly. Therefore, at the Pride in London, we especially emphasize the support, which we need more and more for their peace and celebration, including.

As Ukraine continues to stand as a frontline defender of life, not only for its own nation but for the entire democratic world, the Ukrainian delegation is poised to make a meaningful impact at Pride in London. Amidst the ongoing war that prevents a full-fledged Pride event in Ukraine, Ukrainians around the world participate in Pride events abroad to draw attention to Ukraine’s plight.

“The inability to host a comprehensive Pride event in Ukraine due to the war underscores the importance of international solidarity,” stated Sophiia Lapina from UKRAINEPRIDE. “Ukrainians globally are rallying at Prides abroad to shine a light on Ukraine’s challenges. It is particularly poignant that the Ukrainian delegation is participating in Pride in London for the third consecutive year.”

The delegation, representing the resilience and determination of Ukrainian people, emphasizes the critical need for international support to safeguard the rights and freedoms cherished across Western democratic nations.

“In the face of ongoing challenges, Ukraine stands as a beacon of hope for democracy and human rights. Participating in Pride in London, our goal remains steadfast: to showcase Ukrainian unity and determination towards victory, where our values of human rights and freedoms prevail,” added Olena Ivashchenko from CAMPAIGN FOR UKRAINE. 

The Ukrainian delegation’s participation at Pride in London underscores the urgent need for support during ongoing war and reinforces solidarity with global efforts to preserve peace and diversity. Their presence also underscores the strong partnership between Ukraine and the United Kingdom, celebrating significant advancements in human rights protections achieved with British support.

Photos by Daria Agafonova


UKRAINEPRIDE is a patriotic queer movement. We nurture and protect our cultural identity in order to share it with our like-minded people from different countries, who belong to different nationalities and ethnic groups, have different skin colors or subscribe to different religions. We preserve and protect our culture to tell the world about it. 10 years ago, we chose the opposite direction from imperial russia, so now we have the opportunity to get equal rights for the LGBTQI community, as well as for all discriminated groups.

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CAMPAIGN FOR UKRAINE is a London-based activist organization committed to advocating for Ukraine’s interests in Great Britain. Our mission is to raise awareness and support for Ukraine through diverse and dynamic initiatives, including rallies, social media campaigns, political lobbying, and cultural events. By collaborating with local and international partners, Campaign for Ukraine strives to ensure that Ukrainian voices are heard and acted upon on the global stage, bringing us closer to a just and peaceful resolution.

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