Credits: Simon Slater

About Matt Danzico

Matt Danzico is a renowned journalist, filmmaker, and designer renowned for his innovative contributions to news and documentary storytelling. With a decade long history at BBC News and NBC Left Field Studios, Danzico is the founder of Danzico & Co. Studios, an innovation and visual storytelling unit producing work for BBC Studios, Google, and various NGOs.

About “Sports Explains the World”

“Sports Explains the World” is a groundbreaking anthology series by Meadowlark Media, consisting of captivating short documentaries that transcend the boundaries of sports, revealing profound truths about our global society. Through the universal language of sports, each film highlights the refuge, sense of belonging, and profound human connections that sports provide. This anthology brand allows filmmakers to continue sharing these significant narratives and exploring global social and cultural issues.

About Meadowlark Media

Meadowlark Media, co-founded by former ESPN President John Skipper and renowned sports show host Dan Le Batard, was established in 2021 with a fundamental mission to share compelling narratives while championing and amplifying diverse voices.