On November 18, in the heart of London, the opening of Unique.Agency took place – the first and currently the only agency providing high-level turnkey shooting services. Natalia Tomash, the founder and creative director, formalized her extensive experience and assembled a team of specialist creators to create content from scratch.

For whom? – for businesses, brands, and personal shoots. The sophisticated opening party was organized in a networking format to bring together creative individuals and entrepreneurs to support each other.

“Six months ago, when I asked my husband if I could open an agency in London – he confidently said, of course, I could. Even then, I couldn’t imagine standing here and telling you this.”

This is how Natalia’s speech began in front of the guests, as she is a true example of a self-made personality who not only dreams but also takes action. And, of course, she inspires everyone around her with her resilience, dedication to the photo craft, and candor. As a photographer, she consistently highlights her journey on Instagram and proves that if you don’t rush and move clearly in your direction, without competing or comparing, it will eventually yield the fruits of your work.

The agency’s name is also not accidental, as the founder sincerely believes that everyone is unique, and through her talent, she helps highlight the client’s strengths.

It is often said, “if you need shooting organization, then definitely go to Natalia.” Stylists, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, decorators, managers, and more – this is the Unique.Agency team, which not only excels in its business but also fulfills every order excellently without any amendments. The extensive experience has long been beyond doubt, and when a client comes to the agency, they fully trust the vision of the creators and rarely issue conditional terms of reference.

“The opening of the agency was a logical continuation of my business, as I have long been organizing turnkey shoots with a team. Now we do it officially in the territory of England, and this adds confidence. It is important for me not only to develop independently but also to give space to colleagues around me. Therefore, the decision was made to create an event where we unite all our values and interests to strengthen each other.”

As soon as it came to finding an event manager, there were no doubts for a second. Only Christina Kushnir could feel and enhance the organization of the party. Since she not only knows exactly how it should be but also has the talent to unite talented and open-minded people in one place. From the first meeting, the girls divided the responsibilities, and everything went smoothly and enjoyable for both without a single failure.

At the opening, there were over 70 guests at the elegant and spacious Boudica restaurant in the Battersea area. In addition to pleasant acquaintances among the fashion, photo, and business industries, everyone could enjoy the musical accompaniment of the saxophone from the first second and attend a jazz concert by the fantastic Irina Shyiko.

Also, the organizers invited speakers to talk about the hottest topics. Top marketer Yulia Proskurina talked about building brands in the UK market, causing a storm of applause. And fashion stylist and entrepreneur Eka Kapanadze shared her many years of background on partnership and cooperation in England.

Meanwhile, guests on the location could fix or make a full-fledged makeup from a top makeup artist in London and feel like a real star in the frame of professional photographers and videographers.

Of course, it didn’t go without surprises and tears of joy. It was important for the team to convey the value of the uniqueness of each present, so envelopes were given, which guests chose by themselves at the beginning. Before the end, everyone was asked to open them simultaneously. It was that magical moment as inside awaited a message or compliment. And, believe it or not, it was a perfect match in all parameters.

Long story short, we are happy to share such events and highlight stories of honest and transparent business, which not only exists but also adheres to certain values and brings benefit, finding a response in the hearts of clients. Subscribe to the Unique.Agency profile and be inspired with us https://www.instagram.com/unique.agency.uk/